Hugo Montoya is instructor of Romana’s Pilates.

“I get inspiration from the philosophy of the authentic Pilates, which consists of adapting the method to the specific needs of each person. That’s why I only do individual sessions that allow me to define a series of tailored exercises and focus my attention on each person that comes to the studio, as the master Joseph Pilates used to do. I enjoy helping people to achieve their personal objectives and seeing how their quality of life improves after each session, making Pilates become a part of their life.”

Hugo Montoya is a certified instructor of the Romana’s Pilates Method. He trained for two years under the tutelage of Javier Pérez Pont, a worldwide reference on the Pilates Method and the only representative of Romana’s Pilates in Spain.

As a certified instructor with the Romana’s Pilates ® Diploma, Hugo Montoya has completed a much more rigorous and comprehensive training programme than that offered by other organisations. He has followed an intensive training at the Teacher Training School and has completed several theoretical, oral and practical exams to achieve a high quality of the teaching and to keep the purest version of the authentic Pilates Method.

Before dedicating himself to the Pilates method, Hugo Montoya worked for 15 years as a logistics coordinator for the medical-humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, offering his technical knowledge for the benefit of people affected by conflicts, epidemics, nutritional crises or natural disasters in different missions of the organisation in Angola, Darfur (Sudan), Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Colombia and Zimbabwe. In between missions, he also worked for the Osakidetza emergency health services (Basque Country, Spain).